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D-Marin World Program: New Privileges to the Annual Customers

New Privileges to the annual customers

40% Discount to all D-Marin Marinas

We are proud to announce the launch of the new privileges of the renewed D-Marin World.  All customers with an annual contract to any of the D-Marin Marinas are entitled to a 40% discount at the other marinas of the Group for a period  up to 4 months.  

Terms of the Program

1.  The new privilege is valid since 1st October 2014 for all new annual customers.  
2.  The new benefit come to replace the previous Passenger, Explorer, Conqueror and Plus 1 programs, as well as the “Pay One Visit All” program of K&G, applied in the Greek marinas.
3.  Existing customers are entitled to the benefits of the previous programs up to the expiration of their ongoing berthing annual contract.
4.  40% discount is provided to all permanent customers who have a prepaid annual contract or more.
5.  The discount is provided for a maximum period of 4 months and is valid only within the length of the prepaid contract.
6.  A booking in advance is necessary to the marina you wish to visit.
7.  Booking to the discounted marina should always be made from your homeport marina and is always upon berth availability.
8. The benefit of 40% discount applies only to private yachts.

This is only the beginning of a series of privileges to be announced in the near future with the sole aim to making the D-Marin World a world of privileges to all our customers bringing a new berthing experience.