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 “K&G Med. Marinas Management” is associated with marina developments and management/consultancy services in marina projects.  It is the leading company in the marina market in Greece and one of the biggest in Europe.

The company was established in 2001 and is affiliated with the “Kiriacoulis Mediterranean” group of companies, one of the most recognized names dealing with the nautical tourism. The parent company, “Kiriacoulis Mediterranean Cruises Shipping S.A”, listed on Athens Exchange, is the world’s third yachting Charter Company, and number one in the Mediterranean.  (

“K&G” has developed across the Greek Seas a modern /contemporary network of Marinas, most likely to be expanded across the Mediterranean, and other areas of interest, which offer high quality services. Using the key geographical position of Greece and particularly of the marinas it manages, the company has succeeded, not only in establishing itself as nationally dominant, but also in having the benefit of acknowledgement on an international scale, ensuring complete customer satisfaction at all times as well as a successful course on a business level.

“K&G” is manned by personnel, specialized in the area of marinas. This personnel is employed under the General Director of the Company Mr. Nikos Koutsodontis, who is also a member of the IMC (International Marina Committee) of ICOMIA ( International Committee of Marine Industry Associations). Mr. Nikos Koutsodontis had previously been the Gen. Director of Gouvia Marina (1996-2001). He was also appointed as the Project Manager during the construction of Lefkas Marina (2000-2002) and the renovation of Kalamata marina (1999-2000).

The company’s business objective is to develop a chain of modern, high quality marinas across the Mediterranean.

Service List

The services provided by “K&G” cover a range of all the needs which the construction, management and operation of a marina involves, such as: market analysis, techno-economic studies, business plans, environmental studies, every type of technical and constructional studies, preparation and support of the different stages of building permits, optimization of mooring layouts, management and administration, accounts, promotion and marketing services, assessment and rating of the companies and so on. Below there is a sample list of our services:

The Network

Nowadays “K&G” acts as a development and management consultant of Gouvia marina, in Corfu island, Lefkas marina, in Lefkada island, Kalamata marina in south Peloponnese, and Zea marina in Athens, hence creating a unified network of Marinas with a total capacity of 2,760 berth places-those being approximately the 30% of the total capacity of all the organized Marinas in Greece.

Gouvia Marina

Capacity: 1,235 berths
Project Cost: € 8.5 mil.

It was delivered by the Greek State in 1995 after an international tender and it was the first public Marina in Greece, the management of which was taken over by a private company. Gouvia marina under the supervision of Kiriacoulis personnel, was transformed in a modern marina of high standards, which corresponds to the demands of the international sea tourism. The marine works increased the marina’s capacity from 400 to 1,235 berth places. The land works included site arrangements for 520 dry dock places and 3,500 sq.m. of traditional buildings which accommodate offices, stores, cafes, restaurants, a petrol station, sport and water-sport facilities. The marina also provides complete services to all moored vessels and full technical support which extends to a wide range of repair and maintenance works of the vessels.

Lefkas Marina

Capacity: 620 berths
Project Cost: €26.5 mil.

Lefkas Marina, one of the most contemporary ones of the Mediterranean Sea, was constructed, under the supervision and control of Kiriacoulis personnel, within two years (2000-2002) and began being operational in 2002. Its original capacity was 480 vessels. That capacity has already been extended to 620 vessels by installing more floating pontoons in order to correspond to the increased needs. Moreover the marina has a capacity for 300 vessels ashore and offers a complete range of repair and maintenance services. The premises of the Marina, 7,500 sq.m in total, include offices, stores, restaurants, cafes, water-sport facilities, a hotel and a conference centre.

Zea Marina

Capacity: 670 berths
Project Cost: €10.5 mil.

The marina was delivered by the Greek State in 2002 and managed to upgrade and modernize its facilities and provide high standard services in very little time. “K&G” supervised the total of the marine works as well as the marina facilities renovation and improvement works. Despite the exceptionally pressuring construction timescale, the Marina was fully operational during the Olympic Games of 2004 when it accommodated vessels with the highest technical standards and demands. Besides the port facilities, which provide a capacity of 670 berth places, the company has upgraded the premises and now manages an important terrestrial area with unique old traditional buildings and other recreational and entertainment facilities (restaurants, cafes, etc). Within that same space, water-sport clubs as well as cultural societies are accommodated, thus enhancing the quality of the marina in a way that it appears richer than the average tourist port.

Kalamata Marina

Capacity: 250 berths
Project Cost: €450,000

The marina was delivered by the local Municipality in 1998. Kiriacoulis personnel undertook the supervision of the marine and shore renovation and improvement works. Kalamata marina has a capacity of 250 vessels and 150 dry dock places. It provides high-standard of services. Within its premises there are offices and stores while it includes a complete range of maintenance and repair services.

Planaco Shipyard

K&G Med Marinas Management S.A. has undertaken the marketing management and promotion campaign of the yacht repair and refit yard PLANACO S.A.  which is located at the beautiful island of Aegina, just 11 n.m. across Piraeus Port.
PLANACO yard, one of the biggest in the area of Athens, offers hauling and launching, yacht storage, as well as refit, repair and maintenance services.  PLANACO infrastructure offers “parking” space of 32 000 sq. meters, one power trailer for hauling yachts up to 50 tons and a synchro lift for up to 260 tons, safe and friendly environment with 24/7 security surveillance with cameras, as well as other facilities for the visiting yachtsman.  Moreover, PLANACO undertakes a wide range of technical services for most types of yachts, including traditional wooden boats, glass fibre, steel and aluminum.  Near future plans include a berthing space for 40-60 yachts and a new travelift for larger yachts up to 400 tons.  As a result of the above cooperation, Medmarinas customers will enjoy a better and improved network of berthing and rendered services options.

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