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In our continuous efforts to meet our customer's needs we are introducing a new berthing option, the Long Term Berth Leasing Program, concerning a limited number of berths.

The new berthing option, allows you to take a Long Term Berth Lease for up to 20 years, depending on the marina, with the following benefits and conditions:

1. Exclusive use of a specified berth for up to 20 years

2.  Extremely Attractive price and protection against annual rent increases

3. Transfer rights: You have the right to retain your berth for up to 20 years.  However, if at anytime, you wish to sell it on, you have the right to transfer the unexpired Lease to a third party.

4. Free Dry Docking: Between October and March every year, you are entitled to keep your boat ashore free of any surcharge (free period concerns 3 months in Gouvia marina and 2 months in Lefkas marina)

The only ongoing cost for a berth lease owner is a small Annual Service Charge for the provision of various services such as, water, electricity, parking of 1 car, maintenance of the Berth etc.

Price list (click here to view the price list)

For further information please contact us or any of our international agents:

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Chris Gill
Triangle Berth Brokers Ltd.  
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Romain Villeneau
Vent Portant
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